About me

I am not a financial nor parental guidance expert.

Just a concerned father of 4 girls (aged 21, 20, 12 and 8 years) and a boy (13 years).

Not rich but have tried hard to provide my family with the best that we could reasonably afford.

I am concerned about the lack of teaching of “living skills”, and in particular “personal financial management skills” in schools.

I am looking to share with and to learn from other parents, as we try to equip  our children with as much preparation as we can for them to face the world on their own.


  1. This is your good brother Jnr in Ghana , am very please to read almost all your material. Infact the knowledge you are sharing to mankind is like a pie chart that have equel %. Is inspring and carries alot of hope to parants.

    Some of us are prevelige to work closing with you in Ghana and we do remenber you all the time. We have learnt so much from you and will naver forget about you — Really you are a teacher

    Am now working with TATA MOTORS LTD -in Ghana as the Dep Manager of inports the expirance we gain from you is helping us today
    Am with Brother Kamel – he is our logistic cordinator- we are proud to be your product
    My regards to your family, am now married with 2 kids, a boy- salihu and girl Salma a girl
    Wife – Rukayatu –

    Jokes- Am going to GT to check on invoice


  2. Sir,

    This is your krishna from Chennai, India.

    I admire you as a man with different approach. Normally accountants are more worried about multiplying their wealth by spoiling their health and they do not want to share their experience /thoughts with others.

    I think you have set an example to others how to bring management into one’s own life

    Thought so unique and different.

  3. Thanks, Krishna.

    It is really nice to hear such kind words.

    Please drop by often and I’ll appreciate your comments.

  4. dear brother,

    i am rizlan.

    nice blog especially on advise of financial matters. big challange to train my kids on money. any wrong move might destroy them in future.

    hope to see more of your writings

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