About Father sez

Many of us start worrying about our personal financial management (pfm), at a stage in our lives when our financial responsibilities get heavier….like having to worry about our children’s education, buying our house, planning for our retirement etc.

Would it not have been great, had we started earlier….much earlier, so that we could have gotten the full benefits of “compounding” as trumpeted by almost all pfm gurus.

We are told…..”Better late, than never…..” Well, if we came to the party a little late, why not do our best so as to ensure our children do not? Ensure that they start much earlier than us. Is it not every parent’s wish that our children should be balanced in all aspects of their lives? And in this fast paced world that shows little mercy to the “don’t haves”, pfm plays such a big role. Since, sadly, the school systems do not provide much help, so it is up to parental efforts.

And how do we instill in our children this often difficult discipline, of getting their pfm act together? Where do we start? How do we teach them the pfm lessons we have learned? What about the lessons that we should have learned……..and implemented? At what stage in their lives should we start?

Would our children listen and accept our advise? Would they put them to use? Or is it a predestined natural order that they, too, must walk a path of thorns, till they learn the same way we did, i.e. the hard way?

Well, I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I hope to learn from other parents. Let’s exchange our efforts and experiences. Please join me!


  1. Have a nice day !

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