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  1. I came across your inspirational site by typing in “plan my year” The weekly planning system sounds excellent and a solution to glitches with many of the planning systems (I have tried many over the years and yours sounds best)
    I have tried to set up an excel weekly planning system but since my experience with excel is only “hands-on” (ie i never learned it proper) I am having problems such as setting up the formulas for formatting the dates.
    Can you send a template, or step by step instructions on how to set up this time management system?
    I only have “hands on” experience with excel
    (i.e. i never formally learned excel but have just used it when pressed into it by need)
    i went onto microsoft tutor but realized it will be a real trial and error project with much error, perhaps you could kindly provide the steps?
    your site is inspiring with the concept of leaving tangible legacy the most valuable being how to thrive, succeed, survive, be happy in these changing times….. more valuable than money in the bank- it is more enduring and provides self development rather than just provide for transient needs or desires.
    Thanks and God bless
    midwfejudy of florida

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